Giving hope to youth through things there passionate about.

Vision Mission & Future Prospects

Our vision as Jericho Breakers is to instill a passion for dancing in children and youth to plant seeds of consciousness in their hearts that will stay with them for the rest their lives through music and dancing.

Our mission is to use dancing as a tool to reach & change as many youths in Uganda as possible, and also to use dancing as a tool for advocating for the rights of the youths in Uganda.


  • To a dance studio where we can teach youths in our society various ranging from our traditional cultural dance to western imported dances.
  • To become a dance group where best dance choreographers of various dance are cultivated & got Uganda.
  • To use dance a tool to advocate for more human rights.
  • To talk people concerned so they can include street dance in the sports and games in the national education calculus.
  • Stage dance competitions especially break dance. This will expose break dance to the general public.