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                               Youth Gospel Celebration


Jericho Breakers in partnership with Revolution Youth Centre with great Pleasure inform you all that we have open up a GOSPEL CELEBRATION that will take place every first Friday of the month at Revolution Youth Centre mengo next to Central Broadcasting Services (CBS). The nite will be led by Jericho Breakers & it will be characterized by Open Mic, Poetry, Hip Hop theater among other activities. It will be the first ever Gospel Celebrations nite to bring youth together in Uganda with wide range of talents. Jericho Breakers will invite gospel rappers to have a platform to exercise & minister on that nite. In Relation with Hip Hop Theater, Emcees from around Kampala both christian & non christian will be invited to utilise this platform to talk about issues in the church. The idea is imported from the Bavubuka All Stars which have been using Hip Ho theater to raise social issues in the public. We therefore want to use the same opportunity to talk about issues like;

  1.  Walk Pure
  2. Relationships in Church
  3. Homosexuality
  4. Christian Way of life
  5. Music among other. 
Regarding Poetry, Jericho Breakers has been using this platform to address social & spiritual issues using the spoken word. Thank to platforms like Bon Fire at national Theater, Spoken Truth, Bavubuka Foundation.
We would like to bring in poetry so that youth in the church can also learn to express themselves using spoken word. SO PLEASE DON'T FOR GET TO ALWAYS COME EVERY FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH FOR THE GOSPEL CELEBRATION AT REVOLUTION YOUTH CENTER WITH JERICHO BREAKERS. "Helping Youth Discover their Potential through activities they're passionate about." More info please call Gilbert +25677596107