Giving hope to youth through things there passionate about.

                                  DANCE STYLES


Jericho Breakers uses B Boy / Street Dance to separate the actual physical battle of a gang with the same intensity of the battle of a gang, attitude and it settles the battles.  We use B Boy/ Street dance to express ourselves because some crew members had that gangsta mentality but we had to pick up our goals & to pick up swag & to remember that we are icons in our communities which implies that we have to set good examples.

Also Jericho Breaker using Street Dance has helped to create a voice   for youth through creating categories of music, art, fashion, various dances, attitude and other ways of expressing ourselves in that we have pride in our culture and bring in our own elements and explore the ways where we can Re-claim our voice in order to have self confidence and believe that we have values and that our life is important.

  • Poetry
  • Dance tutoring
  • Crafts & Jewelery making
  • B. Boy styling (Street Dance)
  • Youth Rights Advocacy & Activism {Freedom Of Speech, expression} together with Bavubuka All Stars Foundation, Revolution Youth Center, AGYA YOUTH Center and other Charity/community Foundations.