Giving hope to youth through things there passionate about.

                               JERICHO BREAKERS


Jericho Breakers is a community based dance group that believes in transforming and empowering youth through activities they are passionate about. Jericho breakers is a church based dance group that uses dancing as a tool to unite the youth and also help create a voice to claim for youth freedom of expression & speech.

 We incorporate our traditional dances with western dances [break dance / [B Boy] to create a style of dance that helps us to communicate to the public and enable us to pass a massage to the public. The fact that we community based, we use the element of dance to inspire our fellow youth in our communities to change positively.

Jericho Breakers incorporates basic break dance stunts and moves with individual styles to make an exciting display of control, endurance, and ability.  By contorting the body in ways that are extremely difficult and by spinning and sliding across the floor, they are able to develop their own individual poses and movements.

Jericho Breakers derived its name from Hebrews11:30 therefore we believe that our performances get people blessed and that create a voice for the youth 

Today Jericho Breakers is a ministry that engages in various activities such as singing, Ghetto dance ministries, miming, tutoring young ones at church and more specifically dancing various dances ranging from African to Western dance, (break dance/ street dance). 

These youth have different potentials ranging from dancing, music, emceeing, academic excellence among others.
Today the dance group has got various youths with different backgrounds who have changed positively to become good citizens. Currently Jericho Breakers is now one of the leading dancing groups in Uganda that use dancing as a tool to change lives of youth and to advocate for the rights of the youth in Uganda.
Jericho breakers think and believe that we can try to help youth discover their potentials & talents. We can also try change the lives of our fellow youth in the society to change for the better. The fact that most of Jericho breakers dancers and members come from compromising homes / societies {ghettos} such as Katwe, Mengo, Makindye, Najja nankumbi, Kabalagala, we use this opportunity to reach people {youth} in our communities who desperately need Jesus in their lives and also stage free ghetto dance concerts that attract many youth who are passionate about dancing to join the group.
Jericho breakers has used performing arts [dancing] as a platform for sharing to the youths’ pressing issues and problems to the people concerning that particular community.
We also try to show the youth how they can positive exercise their rights utilize their leisure time positively through dancing & other activities.