Giving hope to youth through things there passionate about.


Jericho Breakers is a community based dance group that believes in transforming and empowering youth through activities they are passionate about. Jericho breakers is a  dance group that uses dancing & other forms or arts as a tool to unite the youth and also help create a voice to claim for youth freedom of expression & speech.

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Holly Day Dance Concert

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Jericho Breakers youth Ministries would like to invite you the Holly Day Mega Dance concert this August with Performances from your Best Dance crew/ Ministries & Artistes Like Ngooma, Justine, Brown San, Little Tummy, Don MC, Dangelo, Kiguli; Dance Crews Like God's Army, Living Springs, Talanta Africa, Zion Dancers among others.

If you would like to support us;
Please write to us at [email protected] or call us at +256775961079

God Bless You

Uganda National Youth Festival

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The National Youth Festival is an annual gala that brings together thousands of youth and youth focused stakeholders to among others network, share ideas and have fun. Dont miss performances from top youth artists, exhibitions, live arts and paintngs, family fun day, employment forums and so much more






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Jericho Breakers will performing this Sunday at Living Springs Dance Force show of WAR CHILD DANCE EXPRESSION Sunday, December 4, 2011, NAMIREMBE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP, 4:00pm until 7:30pm, Don't Miss

Being Frank Physical Theatre - Jericho Breakers Inspiration

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Hello friends all over the world. Jericho Breakers is so excited to bring you these news about  Godiva International Links and Being Frank Physical theatre. 

Setup in 2004, Being Frank Physical theatre has inspired  youth to dance, stimulate and engage people of all ages to distinctive physicality.  Being frank creates breathe taking expressive and intensively dances in collaboration with artistes.

Jericho Breakers is proud to be associated with Being frank physical theatre and Godiva International links. We appreciate their work as they appreciate ours and did a creative dance video inspired by our dance community Jericho Breakers take a look at he video. and let us know what think.

Creative right? We would link to officialy say thank you and great work in all the efforts u put in to do this creative amazing work. Good Job.

You can find the rest of the photography of this video in the making here. click here

U can also know more about Being Frank Phyical theatre work on there website and youtube channel here.

Jericho Breakers Empowerment Programmes

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Jericho Breakers is ministry this year took up the iniative to connect with the youth through the activites that youth like every day.
THe ministry this time has been joined by a youth group called SASSO to help Jericho Breakers in the drive of empowering the youth.

THe first session will take place on 10th Sept 2011 in various youth communities in Kampala. These services will be extended deep in villages where youth need them most.

The activities will include teaching youth various skills like;
- snacks Preparations
-How to make school Chalk
- How to make Liquid Soap
_ Weeding / Occasion Cakes Preparations
-Health Programmes

- As well as saving cultures.

The drive is intended to empower the youth and create jopb opportunities to the youth.
You can also get involved;

Get in touch with us at [email protected]
God Bless You 

Jericho Breakers in Back To School Dance Xplosion

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Jericho Breakers made it a tradition to organise dance event for the youth while they prepare themselves to go back to skool. This time we are recognizing the power of youth using Hip-Hop music, dance & other creative abilities such as poetry, painitng, standup comedy to advocate positive social change & ligft the name of the lord to greater hieghts .


Jericho Breakers organises such youth events With the vision of creating a uniting bond between youth in church, outside church, pastors, artistes, activists & allstake holders so as to create a platform that empowers young people from diverse church & communities.


BACK 2 SKOOL DANCE XPLOSION is not just about The Concert. During the different time frames, there will be series forums and workshops that are carried out by Uganda's youth role models that will talk to the youth regarding the problems youth find & how best the can overcome them.

We're also blessed to have one pioneer of Hip Hop in Uganda to our who will be talking to youth about Music, Church & skool, how three concerts can be acomodated in youth's lives to have a foundermentsal change in their lives.


- Babaluku

- Afande Lanek

- Seku Martin

- Maureen

- End Of the Weak Cipher

- Ship Crew (Phenomenal Women)

- AGYA Cipher (Amanyi G'emagezi)

- Father's Heart Children's Choir

- God's Family Childrens Choir

- Sifa Children's Choir

- Miracle Teenz

& Many More to be confired


- God's Army

- Living Springs

- Vision With Hope

- Chain Breakers

- Revolution Dances

- Country Lites

- Soul CD

- Zion Dancers

- Bboys Scouts

& Sooooo Much Moore


Dont Miss!!!

- Dance Battle

- Street Basket Ball

- Eating Competitionz

- Jericho Breakers Tshirts give aways &

- Lots Of Prize to Be Won


For information:

Email Us: [email protected]

[email protected]



Gilbert 0757054303

Abu: 0779494939


Skype: gilbert.frank.daniels


Jericho Breakers rock church crowd

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Jericho breaker Performance at Youth dance Talent Show


Posted on July 27, 2010 at 7:55 AM

Consider the things that you do well: e.g. making pancakes on Sunday mornings, green-belt level Sudoku, seasons 1-8 Simpsons trivia.

Now consider the things you do poorly: mathematics, hiding disdain for reality TV around Bravonamorous loved ones, keeping track of billable hours.

Consider finally the things that you could never do, even if not doing them meant that Shia LaBouf would star in another 10 remakes of vital childhood memories.

For me, breakdancing falls in category three.

To say that I'm impressed with people who can breakdance would be the same as saying that Rocky likes Emily.  Rocky loves Emily, people, and for me, watching a 10 year old bust a windmill or a fully-red-jumpsuited twentysomething backflip spread-eagle, grabbing his genitals like his mother forgot the first, most cardinal rule of parenting*... these things fire a long-neglected synapse deep in the recesses of my brain.


It's like watching Saturday morning cartoons on ten bowls of frosted flakes and two Jolts. It's like watching a Pollock painting anthropomorphized, set aflame and made to dance.  It is both exhilarating and befuddling.  That these b-boys and b-girls who walk among us, holding down ordinary jobs and acting as students in ordinary classrooms, can, at the drop of a breakbeat perform these physics-defying stunts with nothing more than their bodies is beyond my ability process facts.

Take, for example, the runners up in the competition, the "Shaq and Kobe of B-boying." The comparison to the basketball players that their name substantiates could be seen even without the title:  Shaq was a physical force on the dancefloor, commanding big moves and asserting himself at every opportunity.  Kobe's work looked to be the product of years of refinement and honing.  Breaking has progressed to the point where each dancer has the opportunity to truly define him or herself on the dance floor.  No one displayed that more than the winning group, Toyz and Fleg.  Like a cat, Toyz warmed up each set like he was playing with its food.  Then, maintaining the same spirit of good cheer, Toyz flips the switch, which, like all good switches, only has two modes:  "off" and "blitzkrieg."

If Disney animators could accurately depict what is happening in that tornado that appears on screen whenever the Tasmanian devil starts up, my guess is that it would look a lot like Toyz's legs. Fleg, who was just casually participating as a vacation from his main job as DJ, served as a respectable Scotty
Pippin, a master of consistency and fundamentals.

The event, put together by the good people at Words, Beats, and Life (, was a high energy party where all ages and talent-levels felt.  In addition to the cutthroat competition, the event featured several hours of freestyle fun, where breakers formed impromptu circles, busted moves, and exchanged tips.  With Fleg, RBI, OSO Fresh and Scratch Master K providing the soundtrack and Nemisis presiding as Master of Ceremonies, the whole thing felt like a block party.  A block party where everyone is mind-bogglingly good at dancing.
*Rule 1:  Don't grab your privates in public.  Rule 2:  Share.

Jericho Breakers In A Gospel Celebration Nite

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Jericho Breakers in partnership with Revolution Youth Centre with great Pleasure inform you all that we have open up a GOSPEL CELEBRATION that will take place every first Friday of the month at Revolution Youth Centre mengo next to Central Broadcasting Services (CBS). The nite will be led by Jericho Breakers & it will be characterized by Open Mic, Poetry, Hip Hop theater among other activities. It will be the first ever Gospel Celebrations nite to bring youth together in Uganda with wide range of talents. Jericho Breakers will invite gospel rappers to have a platform to exercise & minister on that nite. In Relation with Hip Hop Theater, Emcees from around Kampala both christian & non christian will be invited to utilise this platform to talk about issues in the church. The idea is imported from the Bavubuka All Stars which have been using Hip Ho theater to raise social issues in the public. We therefore want to use the same opportunity to talk about issues like; 1. Walk Pure 2. Relationships in Church 3. Homosexuality 4. Christian Way of life 5. Music among other. Regarding Poetry, Jericho Breakers has been using this plartform to address social & spiritual issues using the spoken word. Thank to plartforms like Bon Fire at national Theater, Spoken Truth, Bavubuka Foundation. We would like to bring in poetry so that youth in the church can also learn to express themselves using spoken word. SO PLEASE DON'T FOR GET TO ALWAYS COME EVERY FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH FOR THE GOSPEL CELEBRATION AT REVOLUTION YOUTH CENTER WITH JERICHO BREAKERS. "Helping Youth Discover their Potential through activities they're passionate about." More infor please call Gilbert +256775961079

Gospel Dance Fest

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The Gospel Dance Association have organised youth Dance Festival scheduled to take place on 27th June 2010 at Glory Of Christ Church Kasubi

Don't miss great performance from Uganda's Best Dance groups & Individuals like;

Jericho Breakers Uganda


Country Lites

Living Springs

Xtreme 5


Guest Performances from

Antonio Bakar & Arafat {Hot Steppers}

Wilson Bugembe


& Many More


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